10 Reasons why Lansdowne is the best Weekend Getaway.

Art+Weekend is the best Creative Getaway from the Monotonous Life.

1. You need not worry! We will take care of all the beginners. 

Interact with the most renowned Art teachers, who will nurse all the beginners with the easiest art skills.

 2. Walk Through A Glimpse Of Art.

Get your hands on the most traditional and modern tools of art. Team Art+Weekend will make it easy for you.

 3. Escape To Inspirations.

Walk through the most breathtaking landscape and wake up to the same.

 4. Musical Getaway For Soul Pleasing.

Art+Weekend also believes in soothing the getaway with some groovy music. A band to be played for all the Art Enthusiasts.

 5. Activities For Some Activity.

Not only Art, we will also be accompanying the enthusiasts with several activities like games, swimming and trekking.

 6. Never An Empty Bag Pack.

Creative souvenirs waiting for all the participants.

7. Paint without Judgment! We see & respect Art in all forms.

You will be shocked to see what can come of you when you speak to the canvases.

8. Everybody takes a trip, why not make it worth?

You will not regret this getaway. Every penny will be worth for all the participants when they see the beautiful results.

9. Happiness all the way!

The best accommodation at your footsteps. I bet this will be exactly what you will need.

10. Corners times for Art enthusiast.

When we talk about a getaway, what is better than having some alone time full of self-explorations and motivations.

Well you’re surely hooked!