From the foothills of Himalayas, Uttrakhand. Deepanshu Joshi is a Fine Art graduate of College of Art, New Delhi.
He comes across as a keen observer. He is committed to pursue his art with great passion. His recent participation at the prestigious Student Kochi Beinnale at Kochi as a contributing artist has added a distinguished feather in his cap.
Deepanshu does not seem to get bogged down with a specific medium. His works have been renditioned on paper, canvas, and often directly on walls! His concerns are the dichotomy of focusing on the present. He is deeply interested in Anthropology, Astrology, and Philosophy. Each of the subjects seem to find ways to weave in his works as well as writing.

“My works are the release (like an orgasm) of my mind which is an outcome of my constant self-reflection and analysis”.

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