With more than 4 years of experience and a lot of professional experiences Shiva has become the go to artist for all type of events. He was first exposed to the world of visuals after witnessing a live Audio visual sets of international dj and producer deadmaus. Since than he’s developed a unique style and mix build around his passion. He takes his skills as a means of story telling and let his viewers deepdive in the moment.
Awesome sounds coupled with the exciting visuals and energy he puts into every appearance has helped to quickly established himself as one of the most sought after local A/V artist

He loves expressing the full force of his creativity at every gig and he is thankful for the support and forward momentum that local scene has provided him

Since 2013 Shiva has rubbed shoulders and performed A/V sets with a lot of local and international artists such as karsh kale, nucleya, probro To name a few.

Shiva seeks to create a unique visual routine that explore beyond the horizons of the field saturated with unoriginal and repetitive visuals.

He takes inspiration from his surroundings and some international vedio artists like beeple, catmac, humane, zypher etc.

Shiva continually seeks to mix and create Visuals that are always one step ahead of industry trends. He loves giving his audience the opportunity to discover and get mesmerized by the true meaning and power of audio and visual in its purest form.